Renaissance Hair Loss Solutions 6 month and 12 month Treatment Program terms and conditions

The Renaissance hair loss treatment program uses a combination of approved prescription medication, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products backed up with services specifically designed for the treatment of hair loss. In various trials around the world using these techniques results have yielded a 98% success rate in hair re-growth.

Money Back Guarantee

If you have followed all instructions, by the letter, given to you by your Renaissance consultant and doctor within the time period you have signed up for and used those treatments in the correct way and you have not had any improvement in any way, we agree that you should receive a refund of your total amount paid. Improvement will be measured by photographs taken at the time of your first consultation and photographs taken at your follow up appointments.

Our Responsibility

Renaissance: Will carry out a full examination of your hair and scalp to conclude whether you are suitable for treatment.

  • Set up an appointment with our resident doctor.
  • Provide ongoing support and advise whenever is required.
  • Record your progress throughout your treatment process.

Your Responsibility

You must follow all the instructions given to you by your Renaissance doctor and consultant. This includes taking any medication prescribed and stated by the doctor, applying the correct amount of topical medication to the areas of the scalp stated and using the Renaissance hair and scalp products as directed.

You must attend all appointments given to you by Renaissance. Failure to do so will void your guarantee. You must pay in full all payments when due or risk associated costs involved in the recovery of any funds owing.

Please note: Failure to attend a scheduled doctor’s appointment will result in a no show fee of $80 unless 24 hours notice is given.


If any variation occurs to our treatment program we will provide you, in writing, of any changes.


If it is found that any information you have provided Renaissance Hair Loss Solutions is false or misleading and could interfere with your treatment program your guarantee will be void.

Please note:

  • Areas where hair does not exist at the start of treatment will not show any signs of re-growth.
  • Areas where hair is thinning should show results within 6 to 12 months.
  • After your 6 or 12 month treatment expires you will need to continue and ongoing plan to prevent further hair loss.
  • The treatment can sometimes cause irritation if this happens to you please inform Renaissance Hair Loss Solutions immediately so we can provide you with an alternative medication.

Treatment Program

Renaissance Hair Loss Solutions will provide you with the necessary treatments and medications for you to show hair re-growth. Failure on your behalf to adhere to the program or complete the program set out for you will almost certainly result in a detrition of your condition and void your guarantee. Any loss of medications or products is your responsibility and a replenishment of the goods needed must be re-ordered immediately from Renaissance Hair Loss Solutions. Failure to do so will also void your guarantee.

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