Australian owned and operated, Renaissance Hair Loss Solutions was founded by former hair loss sufferer, Dave Boyce.

Overwhelmed by the exorbitant prices charged by competitor high-end hair loss businesses, Dave decided to take matters into his own hands and establish a sophisticated, medically-approved clinic, with equally professional advice and facilities, for the everyday person dealing with the anxieties of hair loss.

Overlooking the Swan River in the leafy suburb of Mt Pleasant, the stylishly appointed clinic at Renaissance Hair Loss Solutions offers discreet advice by professional clinicians.

After the initial consultation, the on-site doctor will prescribe a treatment plan tailor-made to your needs. Follow-up appointments will be recommended and photographic progress shots documenting your journey, will be included in your plan.

Patients may also have the option of booking time at the clinic’s purposefully appointed Renaissance Laser Cap lounge where complimentary refreshments are served during each 30 minute session, or alternatively, the device can be purchased for private home use.

By visiting Renaissance Hair Loss Solutions, you too could be celebrating the same success as Dave, and enjoying noticeable hair regrowth in no time.


“I wasn’t ready to go bald and I certainly wasn’t ready to drop a whole lot of well-earned cash into hair loss treatments.”

It seemed the more I spoke to others about my hair loss, the more I discovered just how many other people – men in particular – were struggling with the onset of baldness.

Loss of confidence and self-esteem, and fears for the future, were common themes among those I spoke to.

It was at this point I thought, there must be another way to make hair restoration accessible and affordable, without spending the many thousands of dollars well-known hair loss clinics were charging.

Dave Boyce - Founder of Renaissance Hair Loss Solutions


I am living proof of someone who has gone through the treatment process - just see my before and after photos. I know what treatments work, and I offer my services at an affordable price because, like you, I want you to look forward to the future and feel confident that there is a solution out there – tailor-made for you.


" know what treatments work, and my services are affordable compared to my market competitors because, like you, I want you to look forward to the future and feel confident that there is a solution out there – tailor-made for you."

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